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Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Limited (Chinese: 菜鸟网络科技有限公司), formerly known as China Smart Logistics Network, is a Chinese logistics company launched by Alibaba Group, jointly with eight other companies, on 28 May 2013. As of May 2018, Cainiao was one of the largest unicorn companies in China, valued at 100 billion yuan.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "China Smart logistics Network was a small company when i started but was growing fast too fast for proper management to keep up more truck, trailers, and drivers but no management increase no benefits and payment was sketchy the pay rate was 25% of the load when i got hired but on my pay stub no percentages were listed just what i made so the number could me made up at that point and they were".


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Current Employee - Project Manager says

"I have been working at Cainiao full-time for more than a year Cons: Bad work life balance Meetings start after hours"

Disappointed Client says

"Hi everyone! Just be aware that you never place an online order which delivering company is Cainiao, personally I placed an order in Ali. October 18.2020 and today 22.02.2021 (4 f****ng mnths) still the package didn’t arrive. And there’s couple more orders i did which is also disappeared... Suddenly I figured out it week ago. Shame on you Cainiao!!!"

Siegfried Bergmann says

I havo no trust in this shipping company now."

Cigdem Ntagelis says

"Most bad company. They are so slow, they dont care about people who are waiting their order. This is shame! My order is waiting in Liege since 5th december. Today is 15th january. I am very angry and dissapointed. Ali express has to stop to work with this company. Shame!!!"

Louis Cardona says

"Avoid this shipping company if you want to receive parcels you have paid for in advance.
I have two parcels ordered a long time ago still showing they are in Liege in Belgium, while stating they arrived in my country Malta.
If Aliexpress wants more business they must solve this common problem without further delay and issue an open apology for their inefficiencies."

customer says

"Fake tracking info from a scam site on Facebook. It's quite brilliant though... sell products, provide tracking for months then kill the company. Pop up again under a different name and keep taking American's money. No recourse other than claiming fraud on your credit card - which hurts all card owners eventually."

mark b says

"2 months these clowns have had my parcel, according to the tracking it's been to Amsterdam twice, liege Belgium and it's meant to be in the UK now that was 2 weeks ago"

Ibrahim Nadi says

"Not recommended"

Paul Shambrook says

"Received someone else's parcel, addressed to portugal i live in the uk"

Philip says

"I ordered a watch on Aliexpress that was supposed to be shipped from a Spanish warehouse with seven day shipping. I checked regularly for tracking updates and the parcel showed it was processed, then left the warehouse on its way to the UK. It stayed like that for a few days, then it said it had entered the UK. Finally, it said my parcel had been delivered at 11.23pm, which of course, it wasn't because that would have been three hours in the future. It also couldn't have been delivered because the seller had already told me that the watch I had ordered was out of stock at the Spanish warehouse and they would be sending either a refund or the watch direct from China. So how can this company claim to have delivered and tracked a parcel that never existed in the first place? Beats me!"

Sambath Lay says

"The worst shipping company ever, shipping took 3 months and I still haven't received it yet and the tracking number stopped updating half way."

Aelyn Lee says

"Beware it is a bogus tracking site provided by online shopping scammers. I just dealt with the worst scammer just now...."

Victor Carrillo says

"Awful tracking. AliExpress shields itself behind dubious deliveries when the destination post does not show the information the origin claims. I specifically paid extra for tracking info but they sent me a package without tracking info and then claim it's been held by customs, which is impossible to verify because I can't track it at my end and have to take them at their word."

Nicole t says

"I have at least 8 orders shipped through this and they are stuck, there is no update on the parcels, and the tracking numbers appear as expired. Worst shipping method from aliexpress."

Virginia Wholaver says

"My order never came but they say it was delivered, going through PayPal for a refund, my post office has no record of the tracking number and told me it was more than likely fraudulent."

Jacob Collins says

"Worst experience ever had. Been waiting since July 9th and here it is Sept 25th. Still not here. I've looked every single day to see it and it's never arrived. They most likely stole my package and my money. These people are criminals, do not trust Cainiao shipping. Extremely unhappy and I will be in contact with Ebay if the seller cant respond in time."

Konstantin Tskhay says

"Ordered phone from Spain, Cainiao was used for delivery. I received an empty box without phone. 100 % stolen by their staff. Absolutely unreliable company, worst experience I ever had."

Kenneth Hansen says

"This service is owned by AliExpress. In my experience, sellers use it to provide fake tracking numbers, that show that you have received the item, but the seller actually keep your money and the item. The tracking number does not show up in other tracking services, including the one that they claimdelivered to you. I have till now lost 4 shipments this way, and AliExpress does not issue any refund because they points to this fake tracking number. My advice, only buy from sellers that accept Paypal, because Paypal will probably issue a refund."

Mark Rogers says

"bulls*it tracikng start on 3 days and keeps going up and up and up"

Susan Schindler says

"I would give it no stars if I could.

Unable to get tracking updates for a month and there is no useful way to contact this "company.""

Carl Johnson says

"I had several orders meant for delivery via this company. Not 1 single order made it to its destination despite being told online with the tracking, that they had either attempted delivery or made delivery.

Out of 7 orders, not one EVER arrived. Completely bogus and fake tracking information. Ordered via Ali Express.


Impossible to contact or find ANY information out.


Salva Herrero says

"After 58 days since the first tracking notification I have received my delivery, really I was disappointed and hopeless, but finally I got it.

It's cheap and due to this slow and low quality service, but eventually it works.

Other matter it is being the product I have received as it is not matching the promised features, but this is a different war.


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